The most promising ICOS of this 2019-2020

The main reason why companies spend ICO is to raise funds for the development of their projects. In the same way, ICO will allow you to have a much closer link between investors and the company. When buying tokens, users contribute to the development and development of the blockchain: they finance it and use tokens, in some way “reviving” this network.

In addition, with the launch that was given to the ICO project now digital tokens may have some liquidity before doing a business publicly, and that is a great advantage.

The promoters of ICO include celebrities such as boxer Floyd Mayweather, the successor and actor of the Paris Hilton Stephen Seagal hotels, although the SEC of the USA. UU It has adopted very severe sanctions against some of them for violating US laws.

7 most promising ICO in 2019-2020

The most promising ICOS of this 2019


The part of the logistics has always represented a big problem, since this part is the attempt to connect the suppliers, manufacturers and companies that work in individual fields. EndChain has been in charge of producing a supply chain through blockchain. And all this has been done in that way, since the company thinks that a decentralized network is what will help the supply chain to be much more efficient and profitable.

BBXC Bluebelt

Asia is the continent leader in terms of digital currencies, mining and blockchain innovations. Bluebelt proposes to create a series of exchanges throughout Asia, with the aim of achieving a market with a capitalization of $ 4.46 billion. It seems that this ICO has fantastic possibilities of obtaining good results if these exchanges seek liquidity and take care of security.


The word blockchain in recent years has taken a boom in the world of developers. Certainly because of this boom, companies have been taking advantage of these opportunities, since it is the tip of the iceberg in technology.

Startup ChainZilla only gives developers this opportunity. The integral service of this platform provides those who wish with the necessary tools to develop and launch their own blockchain, dapp and even ICO.

TOSS test

The online gaming market has now been capitalized to more than $ 50 billion, but the industry seems to be plagued with transparency problems. Despite the fact that regulators seek to ensure the integrity of games, many operators use the secret codes of random number generators. The TOSS test wants this industry to be more transparent with a p2p solution that uses smart contracts to regulate rates. This approach helps eliminate disputes and accelerate payments, helping to solve the problem of transparency in online games.

The most promising ICOS of this 2019

Doctor Smart

Access to patients’ medical data became a big problem in 2017, after the databases of hospitals around the world became victims of the organizers of the WannaCry attack. Doctor Smart offers a safe and decentralized way to store medical records, and also gives patients the ability to manage their own data. Self-management medical records help restore confidence in the health care system, which can also benefit ICO investors.


The main idea of ​​this ICO project is to protect the integrity of the data, in particular, online advertising. A network based on intelligent contracts is intended to protect advertising against piracy or interruption, so that consumers do not receive information or links that may be misleading.


The turnover of online stores around the world reaches more than $ 2.7 billion per year, and the system itself is quite effective and reliable. The Guarium platform offers not only the automation and improvement of many important processes in this sector, but also an internal payment system that will provide security to buyers and sellers.

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