How to send and receive cryptocurrencies in a wallet

If you already know what cryptocurrencies are and now you need to know how to send or receive them, in this article we will show you how to do it, in turn we will help you to open your electronic portfolio in case you do not have one, That is where you will collect the entire amount of money that you are going to send or that you have won.

One of the most important portfolios that exist is Blockchain; this is used so that you can store your bitcoins safely. It is important to mention that this electronic portfolio can be done for free.

For you to understand a bit more than it is Blockchain, this is a highly prestigious page where millions of people around the world save their profits in Bitcoin daily.

In addition to this cryptocurrency, Blockchain allows you to save satoshis and this has no limit, you can send the money you need to and likewise receive it. Blockchain is one of the most used portfolios, since it is very simple to use and does not require any type of experience to make transactions in it.

How to make a formal registration in Blockchain

How to send and receive cryptocurrencies in a wallet

To register you will only need a few minutes and your personal data. Once you have entered the official page of this electronic wallet, the first thing you are going to do is make the creation of your personal wallet, for this you will go to the section of creating your wallet.

You must fill out the form with your personal information, plus you must provide an email and create a password to open your account. In the end you will have to accept the terms and conditions of the company.

You must remember that your password must be strong, add symbols, uppercase and lowercase to avoid that your account is easily hacked.

You must also keep a phrase that helps you access your wallet in case you forgot your password for some reason, since there is no other way to do it.

Having completed all these steps you can now access your new wallet without any problem.

How to send money from your electronic portfolio Blockchain

If you are going to send your bitcoins, the first thing you have to do is access your account, look for money sent within your wallet and indicate the amount of money you are going to send. You must include the address to which you will send the bitcoins. Once you have completed all these steps, the shipment will be successfully completed.

It should be noted that in the transaction history section you will be able to verify the transactions you have made so that you are sure of what you have done.

With all these steps you will already know how to send transactions. At the time of receiving you will only see who made the transfer and certain personal information. If you want to have more knowledge of it, you should talk to the person who is sending it so that you can pass the capture of the transfer and you can confirm the shipment.

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