Bermi: a tool to earn crypto-active by watching short videos

Bermi is the new app for mobile devices that allows its users to get a reward for watching short videos or doing other small tasks.

Bermi users receive a reward through the cryptoactive BERM, the native ERC-20 token of the platform. To obtain it, users should only watch videos of short duration (approximately 30 seconds), similar to those available on the Instagram social network. The platform was created in order to offer its users a friendly interface, which will allow them to see their progress through it.

You can also get rewards with the platform through a referral system, by inviting other users to use the application. In the same way, all users have the possibility to verify the application daily in order to increase their profits. It should be noted that the app is already available in the App Store on Google Play.

Once the users get their BERM chips, they have the possibility to increase them through the game “Scratch and win “. To access this game you will need 100 BERM, with which you can win a random amount of fiat currency, which can reach up to 100 dollars. BERM cards can be exchanged through any ethers keychain.

Bermi an alternative for new users to become familiar with cryptoactives

Most of our users are learning for the first time what crypto currencies are through Bermi. And that is why we have the responsibility to teach them in a simple way how to send money. If people are exposed to cryptocurrencies through this system that is new and completely fun, then they will draw their own conclusions and see how valuable and effective this new technology will be for their own lives on a day-to-day basis.

The team behind Bermi’s conception is also responsible for Berminal’s development and Berm’s protocol. Berminal is a portal that gathers news about cryptoactives and its focus is on providing its readers with articles from reliable sources. Berminal also allows users to perform a series of tasks that will provide rewards in BERM tokens.

For its operation, Berminal makes use of Berm, a protocol that eliminates the centralization in the dissemination of news, thanks to its voting system that was designed to increase usability, accessibility and justice in the dissemination of news.

In the future, developers expect creators to add their own content to Bermi and to include new ways to earn BERM chips. Likewise, the team hopes to expand its reach to the Latin American market, with the inclusion of content in other languages ​​besides English.

How to support the community

If you are interested in this project, you can download the application in both the App Store and the Play Store, by clicking on the links or simply search for “Bermi” and it will appear in the results. Also, if you have any questions or just want to be part of the first users, then you can join their Telegram channel (

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