Buy, sell and store Bitcoins and the main cryptoactives in thisexploding market.


Estimated profit using the best automated trading, arbitrage and DEFI per month.


Arbitration options per month in the main cryptomarkets, the best forecast info.

Technological platform that integrates information from the main cryptomarkets in real-time.

It allows to operate with advanced forecasting and analysis tools for professionals in the industry.


All cryptomarkets in real-time. High-speed data aggregator. Volumes, rankings and alerts.


Predictive info. Through machine learning, all trading, arbitrage and DEFI options.


Manage trading and arbitrage strategies visually in a fully automated way.

White Label

Platform 100% personalized with your trademark. Only for professionals of the industry. Enhance your branding.


Own 52-digit cryptographic base. HASH generation based on EAS-256-GCM as base algorithm. Compartmentalised security VAULTS.

Applied Math

Developed by our multidisciplinary team, in constant evolution following the algorithmic response of cryptomarkets.

Smart trading

Get the best performance in your trading strategy using the programmed features and manage the main opportunities. TrailingStop (Stop Lost-Take Profit)

Automatic Arbitrage

Get the maximum profit from arbitrage options in more than 20 markets and with the top 50 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin or Ethereum. Set your strategy and our AI will execute it.

DEFI Deposits

Increase your profit even when you don't trade, the decentralized deposits integrated in the platform will offer you a passive return when you are inactive with your crypto assets.


Ctrading is an smart aggregator of information and opportunity detection in cryptomarkets designed for professionals


Focused on trading training centers, so that students can operate in real-time in a professional environment, analyzing and operating.


Advanced forecasting and analysis tools tailored to your needs, so you can trade by order and account of your own clients.


Generate through your own branding an ad hoc service for your clients to perform advanced trading and arbitrage under the information you provide them with.

compravendeguarda Bitcoins y los principales cryptoactivos en un mercado en crecimiento exponencial. $300B+ Compra, vende y guarda
beneficioestimado Utilizando las mejores operaciones de trading, arbitraje y DEFI al mes de forma automatizada. 38.5% Beneficio estimado
oportunidades De arbitraje en principales cryptomercados, la mejor información predictiva. +5000 Oportunidades por mes
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