Countries that are big on cryptocurrency adoption

Not all cryptocurrencies are good, now there are thousands of them in the world, but despite all they can have, one of the biggest benefits they represent in the current economy is that they have no limits, you can use them wherever you want and when you want, and the transactions, besides being worldwide, are carried out in a few seconds.

Despite this, there are many countries that have different opinions on the use of cryptocurrencies, some countries see them as amenable to the economy of their country, others see them as excellent options for growth.

Several countries think that cryptocurrencies represent a good alternative and that these can be used as foreign investments that break the traditionally known economic system. Among all countries, the following stand out for their positive outlook on cryptocurrencies:


Of all Asian countries, is the one that has taken the initiative to support cryptocurrencies, being far ahead of its neighbors. After the significant result of Mt. Gox in 2014, the exchanges of local cryptocurrencies with licenses created a self-regulated organization, proposing guidelines for the regulation of the sector and the ICOs.


Last February, the country launched Petro, its own cryptocurrency, based on the price of oil. According to the magazine Bitcoin Venezuela has guaranteed to the buyers that the petro will be equal to the local coin, it will also be used to pay taxes and fees and exchangeable for its currency, the bolivar”.


Its central bank, Riksbank, is studying the implementation of a cryptocurrency, called e-krona. Switzerlandwas that this country was the first to allow the operations of two Bitcoin promissory notes.


Is a pioneer in the cryptographic sector, supports both cryptocurrencies and ICOs, with the help of the Federal Supervisory Authority of the Financial Markets of the country. At the beginning of this year, Switzerland communicated that it wanted to become a cryptonation, and that many projects with blockchain technology are being developed in both the public sector of the country and the private sector.


In addition to the fact that the country has bet heavily on the blockchain, its central bank is studying the creation of a national cryptocurrency. The country is strongly committed to technology and R & D, in fact, it is called “the country of start-ups”.

The Bermudas

These Caribbean islands want to encourage all types of operations with cryptocurrencies, as well as ICOs. Proof of this is the recent approval of the Business Law of Virtual Currencies of the Monetary Authority of Bermuda.


The capital of the country is one of the most open European cities not only to start-ups and technological development, but also to cryptocurrencies and blockchain. It should be noted that Germany was a pioneer in the promotion of bitcoin in the European Union, accepting the cryptocurrency as a currency in 2014. Although many countries are betting on the fall of Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, they continue to gain strength and continue to become important in the world.

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